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What if The Pick had never happened?

What if Kenny Wheaton had guessed wrong on that sunny October afternoon in 1994? How different would things be at Oregon if #20 hadn’t had the chance to cut back to greatness? Considering the circumstances, things could have been very, very different at Oregon…

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Every Oregon Game: The Spreadsheet.

For several years now I’ve been working on a comprehensive spreadsheet history of Oregon football.

I’ve received enough inquiries about this that I’ve decided to make the core spreadsheet available to Duck Downs viewers via Google Docs. I will maintain editability, but anyone with comments or corrections is welcome to contribute.

Click here for the Every Game Spreadsheet. 

One aspect I could use help in: the assistant coaches pre-Casanova. 

I hope this is beneficial to the history-challenged Oregon fan. If you like it — or not — feel free to drop a comment here.


1894: Where it all began (and almost ended)

The origins of football at the University of Oregon can be traced to a major event on New Year’s Day of 1894 — the first game ever played in Oregon between teams from Oregon and California.

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November 9, 1940 – Oregon 18, UCLA 0

We’re back! Miss us?  We missed you too.

Click here for a new entry in The Program Project:  the 1940 UCLA game at Hayward Field.


For Washington Week, a book review: Scoreboard, Baby

The phrase “Scoreboard, Baby” means a lot to Duck fans. To authors Ken Armstrong and Nick Perry, it has broader meaning — enough that they made it the name of their brutal assessment of Rick Neuheisel and Washington’s fin-de-siècle football squad. “Scoreboard, Baby: A Story of College Football, Crime and Complicity”, released in October of this year, is the sad and harrowing tale of how a University, a program, and a city traded their souls for victories, and the safety of their constituents for playing time.

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